Cathy Tyson

Cathy is transitioning into education, has an endorsement in English Language Arts teacher.  She is excited to work with children in all grades and learn the intricacies of daily lesson planning, as well as fostering relationships that promote emotional, social, and cognitive growth.
Prior to coming to Syringa MS, Cathy spent about 30 years in environmental communications, focusing on recycling, integrated solid waste management, and environmental outreach.  She is excited to promote environmental awareness and responsibility in the younger generation.
Cathy has a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico in Journalism.
She is the proud mother of two teen boys. Cathy spends a lot of time mountain biking, skiing (all kinds), rock climbing, hiking, and paddleboarding.

Shawn Myers

Shawn was born and raised in the Wood River Valley and has a rich family history in this area dating back many generations.  She was a Wood River High graduate and received her Elementary Education degree from Boise State University. After college, she did some teaching and some traveling and finally came back to the valley to raise a family. She has two sons that were raised here and are Wood River High graduates as well. Shawn loves all this valley has to offer and truly appreciates each season here. She is happiest in the mountains either exploring, running trails, hiking, camping or skiing.  Shawn says she has found her dream job teaching at Syringa and feels blessed to be a part of such a dynamic community.

Mary Jacobs

I grew up in Sandy, Utah, exploring the Wasatch mountains as a child, and traveling to many national parks in the West during summers.  I loved school and was a student way too long, with degrees in English, environmental studies and elementary education. After graduating, I taught third through sixth grade in public schools, taught English in Puerto Rico and Japan, and taught environmental education at a national park in Colorado and Peace Corps Philippines.  When my children were little, I started a small Waldorf preschool in Las Vegas. After visiting several Waldorf charter schools in the West, my family and I decided to teach and learn at Syringa, and to settle in Sun Valley to enjoy the outdoors and small-town life. I am excited to be a teacher at Syringa Mountain School, a place where movement, music, art, storytelling, natural science, and cultural history are integrated into a curriculum that is developmentally sound and creates a love of learning.

Pat Owen

Pat grew up in rural New England, just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean. He then had the opportunity to become landlocked at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. In Bozeman, he found his love for the mountains and culture of the Northern Rockies. After graduating with a degree in Geography, Pat spent a winter living deep in the Swiss Alps, immersing himself in the Swiss way of life. The following summer, he lived and worked on an organic sheep ranch in Montana. Here, he learned the values of sustainable land practices, but also the challenges of running a successful agricultural business. Soon after, he found himself in Jackson Hole, WY where he coached youth ski racing and guided ecology tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Thanks to his Geography studies and time spent in the field, Pat has an incredible talent to think and see the world holistically. Pat spent a year teaching Math and Human Ecology at The Sage School. Falling in love with the youth and recreation within the Wood River Valley, Pat enjoys immersing himself in the unique energy of Syringa Mountain School. He believes that the best way to learn about your environment is by planting yourself right in the middle of it and observing using all five of your senses. When not teaching, Pat plants himself in the environment by backcountry skiing, biking, and fly-fishing.

Angie Grant

Angie was raised in the Wood River Valley with a very active family that loved the outdoors. Every day was adventurous and a learning experience. She received a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Idaho. She also attended The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. After living in Maine, Massachusetts, Texas and Colorado, she returned to the Wood River Valley she loved so much to raise her 2 boys.  Her educational background draws from a strong array of experiences, including Leader of the Youth Adventure Program, Children’s Coordinator at The Sawtooth Botanical Garden, Outdoor Leader for Community School trips and public school teaching. Angie was a teacher to 3rd and 4th grades at The Mountain School and is now a class teacher with Syringa Mountain School. She is immersed in her Waldorf certification through the Transformational Teaching Training Program and Rudolf Steiner College. She loves the creative and inspiring lessons she is learning and teaching. She’s extremely excited to share these lessons with your children. Angie strives to keep children excited about learning.

Amy Schlatter

Amy was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio.  Receiving the insight early in life that her path was to become a teacher, she followed this by earning a bachelor’s degree at Wittenberg University.  Her childhood, combined with a humbling collegiate swimming career, helped Amy gain an appreciation for industriousness, discipline, self-reliance, and friendship.  

After college, the coast and mountains called Amy away from the Midwest.  Basing out of Cardiff by the Sea, her travels took her through Europe, Costa Rica, and Peru before settling in Ketchum, Idaho where Hemingway Elementary invited her to teach a third-grade classroom for many years.   During these years she served on many district committees, helping shape the curriculum, environmental practices, and wellness policies of BCSD.  Living amidst the beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains and simultaneously discovering yoga created a longing in Amy to further her connection with spiritual experiences and the rhythms of the Earth.  During the evenings, Amy pursued a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition with a minor in herbalism.  Her goal was to link this branch of knowledge to her teachings and workings with families.  

Starting a family pulled Amy out of the classroom for a few years, but opened her schedule to be able to work for Nurture, a local nonprofit, teaching nutrition education for Blaine County Schools. In 2008, Amy met a woman in a coffee shop who invited her to a Beltane Festival, which turned out to be held at the future site of a Waldorf Elementary. This opened the door to a discovered passion for Waldorf education. Now with three children, this philosophy resonated deeply for her family. Fueled by the values acquired in childhood, Amy became instrumental in helping found Syringa Mountain School, Idaho’s first Public Waldorf Charter School. She finds daily inspiration from her students, family, co-workers, music, dance, hiking, skiing, meditation, gardening, nutritious food, and the wonders of nature.  Amy dreams of opening a biodynamic, permaculture farm/Waldorf school in Bali in her retirement years.

Keith Davis

Keith lives in Hailey, with his two sons, Quincy and Zachary. His hobbies are woodworking, art, surfing, skiing, snowboarding and pretty much any outdoor activity. Keith grew up in a ranching family in Nevada, where his family raised horses, sheep, and beef cattle, as well as an assortment of smaller birds and animals. Keith worked in the mining and exploration industry until moving to the Wood River Valley in 1997. Mr. Davis started his teacher education in 2003 at CSI and moved with his family to the San Francisco Bay area in 2006 to complete his training. Keith received his bachelor’s degree in humanities and cultural studies at Dominican University of California in 2009 and completed my credential program there in 2010, the same year that his oldest son entered kindergarten in a Waldorf-inspired school in Marin County. Mr. Davis had researched the different avenues for his children’s education and intuitively decided that the Waldorf pedagogy had more to offer than the other schools in the area, even though it was quite different from how Keith had been trained in my credential program. Mr. Davis has worked in the Marin County School District in a variety of capacities, teaching in both the special education department and kindergarten, as well as volunteering at his son’s school whenever possible. Keith’s oldest son went through the 3rd grade and his youngest son spent a year in kindergarten at a Waldorf-inspired charter school. During that time Keith gained a great appreciation for all that a Waldorf school had to offer. When his family moved back to Ketchum in July of 2013, Keith was very excited to hear about Syringa Mountain School and wanted to be a part of it. Mr. Davis is very happy to be a member of such a wonderful and dedicated team going forward.

Crystal Oliphant

Crystal is so excited to continue her work with the library program and Kindergarten at Syringa. She worked very hard to open our very own Syringa Library. Crystal used to spend winters in St. Thomas, USVI, and lived in the Wood River Valley part-time, but now she calls Hailey, Idaho her permanent year-round home. Crystal and her husband Matt have three children Samuel, Sarah, and Mabel. 

Crystal has her associate’s degree in education and library science.  She is finishing her bachelor’s this year in General Studies. She is also enrolled in the Sophia Institute in the Waldorf teacher trainer program.

Crystal is passionate about encouraging all children to love reading. “Everyone is a reader…. Some just haven’t found their favorite book yet.”