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The Gift of Education is Priceless!  The Annual Fund Has Begun

The purpose of the Annual Fund Drive is to close the funding gap all charter schools experience, including Syringa.  We hope to raise $50,000 during the drive with a goal of 100% family participation by the end of the year.  No donation is too small!  We realize that many families are experiencing hardship during the pandemic.  Donating your time counts as participation and will help us reach our goals.  If you’d like to volunteer, please contact your class parent so he/she can track your donation and set you up with a volunteering opportunity.

Working together, through gifts large and small, we will ensure that our students continue to thrive as part of an exceptional SMS education.  By investing in Syringa Mountain School, you are investing in a future of eco-literate, compassionate, critical thinkers ready to change the world for the better.  As the next generation of public school choice in Idaho, Syringa Mountain School provides a rigorous, arts-integrated Waldorf curriculum within the Blaine County Public School system.


The Tax Advantages of giving to Idaho Schools

Syringa Mountain School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, Tax ID # 35-2450616. In addition to state and federal tax deductions, Idaho recently established a 50 percent tax credit (for those who itemize) for donations to educational institutions such as Syringa Mountain School. With a 50 percent state tax credit plus federal deductions, the true out-of-pocket cost of your gift may be a fraction of your donation!