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Annual Fund Campaign

Support Syringa’s Journey: Nurturing Creative Minds, Building Resilient Futures.

The Annual Fund Drive aims to bridge the financial gap faced by charter schools, including Syringa. Our objective for this drive is to raise $30,000, emphasizing the importance of full family participation by year-end. We value every contribution, regardless of size, as each donation plays a crucial role in supporting our goals.

Support Syringa Mountain School’s Excellence in Whole Child Education:

  • At Syringa, we blend Waldorf-inspired teaching with proven academic success, demonstrated through strong state testing results.
  • Our holistic approach fosters not only creative, resilient thinkers but also top academic achievers.
  • By choosing and supporting Syringa, you invest in a nurturing environment that shapes well-rounded, successful children, ready for future challenges.
  • Your support fuels our mission, making a real difference in the lives and futures of our students.

Syringa Mountain School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, Tax ID # 35-2450616.