6th Grade

The 6th Grader: 6th graders have increased interest in the world in this time of pubescence.  All activities are aimed at conquering the outside world as a whole. As they become more conscious and expressive, the social element also awakens.  The school year addresses both social integration and the inner will aspect along with more challenging academics, research projects and presentations.

In 6th grade, we emphasize:

Roman and Medieval History: Students learn about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and study the medieval age in both  A highlight at the end of the year is the Medieval Knighting ceremony and feast.

Geology: Geology is introduced through mineralogy and an examination of the properties of minerals that make up rocks around the world.  

Astronomy: Astronomy and the major constellations are introduced. The students find true north and may discuss the earth’s rotation, solar eclipses, and famous astronomers. A field trip to the planetarium and Bruneau Sand Dunes observatory are highlights.

Business Math: Students learn about economic principles, resumes, jobs, and starting a business. Field trips and guest speakers from local business owners.

Basic Physics: Students are introduced to the basic concepts of physics.  The focus is on sound, light, electricity, magnetism and heat.

Geometry: Students learn the mathematical properties of geometric shapes and strive to construct them with great accuracy using a ruler and compass.

5th and 6th grade students are part of a Student Leadership Program at Syringa Mountain School. 

Student leadership gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, experience the democratic process, plan and perform service projects to benefit the school and the community, and encourage and maintain a cooperative spirit within the student body.

Leadership: Syringa Mountain School cultivates and encourages superior leadership qualities. A student identified as gifted and talented via leadership will hold a variety of qualities including:

  • Responsibility, Trust, Respect and Accountability
  • Showing a high level of sensitivity and empathy
  • Is able to influence others to work toward desirable goals
  • Seeks ways to contribute to the world around them
  • Problem solving skills and ability to collaborate

What do school leaders do?

– Develop Leadership Skills- Communication, Teamwork

– Communicate: School Newsletter, Yearbook, Public Speaking

– Community Service/Ambassadors to the Public -Independent Projects

– Lead class discussions about our goals as a school in other grades

– Assist with our Buddies Program (reading, art)

– Create class and school goals

–  Conflict Mediation

–  Announce at Friday Gatherings

– Student Leadership ID Card and Lanyard

The 6th grade curriculum includes:

Field Trips: Local businesses, planetarium and Bruneau Sand Dunes observatory, end of the year city / solo camping experience.

Math: Percents,beginning algebra and negative numbers, ratios, proportions, geometric drawing with instruments and proofs, business math

Literature & Grammar: Advanced grammar and reading skills, spelling,  biographies,  writing (argumentative, explanatory and  narratives), research projects and presentations

Science: Mineralogy, physics (sound, electricity, magnetism, optics and heat), beginning astronomy, continuation of garden and nature studies

Music and Performing Arts: Class play, singing,  keyboard/piano, choir

Art: Geometry with compass/ruler, painting, charcoal  and pastel drawing, woodworking and desk building

World Language: Spanish

Handwork: Doll, bag and pencil case sewing

History & Social Studies: The Roman Empire and Medieval times, US History and Government, South and Central America

Geography: European, South and Central American Geography

Technology: Type essays, create slideshow and websites on Chromebooks

Physical Education: Sport skills, games, movement, free play