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A Tuition Free Public Charter School

Idaho Charter Commission

Syringa Mountain School is a public charter school. Our charter is issued and commissioned by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission.

The Public Charter School Commission’s mission is to ensure PCSC-authorized public charter schools’ compliance with Idaho statute, protecting student and public interests by balancing high standards of accountability with respect for the autonomy of public charter schools and implementing best authorizing practices to ensure the excellence of public charter school options available to Idaho families.

Performance Certificates
Performance Certificates are approved by the IPCSC and charter schools are bound to uphold and fulfill the certificate contents.

Syringa Mountain School Performance Certificate 2022-2027
Syringa Mountain School Performance Certificate 2017-2022
Syringa Mountain School Performance Certificate 2013-2017

Annual Performance Reports
The IPCSC issues an annual performance report each school year. The report outlines the frameworks for success and scores charter schools based on the framework guidelines.

2020-2021 Annual Performance Report
2019-2020 Annual Performance Report
2018-2019 Annual Performance Report
2017-2018 Annual Performance Report
2015-2016 Annual Performance Report

2014-2015 Annual Performance Report