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State Assessments

Preparing Students for a Bright Future

As a public school in Idaho who receives state and federal funds, we are accountable for the Idaho State Standards, also known as the Common Core Standards.  In turn, we are also required to assess our students on their knowledge of these standards through the state wide ISAT by Smarter Balanced assessments each spring in order to meet our Charter requirements for the state.   We believe that our deliberate approach of teaching these standards through our beautiful Public Waldorf curriculum accomplishes this goal and meets the child in a developmentally appropriate way at the same time.

The assessment window for 2021-22 school year is after Spring Break.  During this period, we will be preparing students in grades 3-8th to take the ISAT by Smarter Balanced Assessments in Math and English Language Arts.  5th and 8th Grade students are also required to take a Science ISAT assessment.

These assessments help students by:

  • Providing teachers and parents information about students progress that can improve instruction.
  • Identifying specific strengths and areas of growth for students.
  • Identifying achievement gaps to help ensure all students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.
  • Serving as an academic check-up to make sure students are on track for the next grade.

Participation in Annual Assessments Matters:

We are tasked with assessing a minimum of 95% of our student body each year.  While no single test can give a complete picture of achievement, when combined with all of our class & specials teachers’ observations and teacher reports, annual assessments provide important information about student progress. Having your child take the statewide tests provides educators with information about what educational approaches are working and where additional resources are needed.    Syringa Mountain School is committed to fewer, fairer and better tests for all students. 

How you can help your student:

  • Make sure your child understands that all you ask is that they do their best on each assessment.
  • Ensure he/she has a well-balanced breakfast on days of testing, a large lunch and maybe extra snacks during the day
  • Please make sure he/she attends school on testing days – makeup testing takes away from all the great daily activities in the classroom!

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