Cultivating curious and passionate learners prepared to build a life with purpose.

Syringa Mountain School is a tuition-free public charter school inspired by principles from Waldorf education and outdoor learning.

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Tuition-Free K-8
Waldorf Inspired
Outdoor Learning

Our Philosophy

We all want to see our children grow into happy, healthy adults, with a passion and curiosity for life. Unfortunately, the education system and principles that traditional public schools often rely on are outdated and don’t support each student to be the best version of themselves.

Our job is to maintain, uncover, remember, and grow each child’s curiosity by creating educational experiences that meet the students where they are while preparing them for the future.  Knowing that learning happens everywhere, not just at a desk in a classroom, we engage our students with a wider view beyond the classroom walls.

Our Approach

Our curated curriculum blends an evidence-based approach to academics with the best principles from modern Waldorf and experiential outdoor learning to provide a holistic and developmentally appropriate education that fosters lifelong learners who become curious and engaged citizens, as well as flexible and creative problem-solvers who are well-equipped to not only succeed in a classroom but more importantly, in life.

  • Evidence-based academics
  • Whole child development
  • Waldorf inspiration
  • Music, farm + garden, arts
  • Outdoor education

The Syringa Difference

We understand how hard it can be to choose a school for your child. Traditional public schools aren’t the right answer for many families, and very few can afford private schools that offer alternatives.
Outdoor Programs
Outdoor Programs
Farm & Garden
Farm & Garden

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