School Closure Information


Do we close if it is snowing?

We will not close if it is snowing unless roads are dangerous and the transportation department considers closing roads. Syringa Mountain School follows the same snow day protocol as the Blaine County School District. When the BCSD schools are closed, we are closed.

How cold does it have to be before we close school?

If the temperature is between 15-20 degrees below zero, the school will consider delaying and or cancelling school. Please keep in mind that temperatures vary throughout Blaine County and that there are many factors to consider when making the decision to delay or cancel school.

How will parents be notified of a school closure?

In the event that school needs to be delayed or cancelled we will notify KECH/KSKI radio and other local media. We will also post information on our website and Facebook in addition to sending a TXTWIRE to parents and staff.

What is TXT WIRE?

TXT Wire is the notification system we use to notify families with important school closure or emergency information. It is important to be sure your mobile number is up to date to make sure you receive notifications. If you need help doing this, please email our secretary . Please note that we will only notify parents and staff if and when we have a delay or closure.