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Technology Policy

Technology is used for instruction in K-8 grades as appropriate. State Assessments, intervention, book reports, typing practice, and controlled research are all appropriate examples of technology use.
This acceptable use agreement defines the responsibilities that each member of the community must accept in order to use the School’s technology resources. All members of the community agree to follow school rules and commit to the school’s values. Parent signatures are required each school year verifying they have read and comply with the student handbook requirements.

Accountable Use Responsibilities

  • I continuously represent the school whenever and wherever I use e-mail and Internet resources, even if I am using these resources away from or outside of the School’s
  • Any violation of the rules will result in a consequence such as loss of my privileges to use computers and/or possible disciplinary action up to and including suspension and/or expulsion.
  • If I knowingly enable others to violate these rules, I may be held accountable as if I broke the rule
  • Inappropriate use or violating the responsibilities of use may result in disciplinary action including suspension/expulsion.

In Using Technology At School, Students Agree To

  • Use technology resources for academic and school-related purposes only.
  • Use applications, email accounts, and network space appropriately and only for school-related activities.
  • Store my documents and files in places that are assigned to
  • I will not use technology to bully another
  • I will not attempt to discover or use another user’s login name or password, nor will I share my If I become aware of another individual’s password, I will inform that person immediately.
  • Use of social media is not permitted on school campus.