Parent Association

The Parent Association serves as an essential support group formed by parents. The Parent Association upholds the mission and vision of Syringa Mountain School, promotes the school’s educational program, contributes to the physical maintenance of the school, conducts fundraising efforts, coordinates volunteers for and events, and generally provides appropriate support to all aspects of the school.

All parents are encouraged to attend and participate in Parent Association meetings. The main purpose of the association is to assist in fundraising throughout the year and there are always event committees in need of members!  Additionally, members are at a time, called upon to advise the Board in some decision making, goal setting through involvement in strategic planning and annual parent surveys.

One of the goals of the association is to initiate a “new parents” buddy system to ensure that each family is paired with a family with some Waldorf experience and understanding in order to build a strong Syringa Mountain School community, full of members who look out for and support each other. These early relationships can lead to strong, enduring friendships for a lifetime.

2019-20 Parent Association Chair is:  Aris Flood at