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A Tuition Free Public Charter School


Is a charter school a public school?

Yes. Charter schools are public schools of choice open to anyone committed to being a part of the educational community.

How is a charter school different from a traditional public school?

A charter school is a public school that operates independently from its local school district, yet is still accountable for student achievement and operational performance. A charter school is funded on a per-student basis from state tax funds, and is bound by a legal contract (charter) with its authorizer. However, it is exempt from many elements of state education regulations and is governed as an independent non-profit, with its own board of directors. Charter schools were developed to encourage educators to try different approaches in the public sector since children do not all learn in the same manner.

Do you charge tuition?

No. We are a public, tuition-free school. Although we receive state funds, we still need to fundraise to close the gap between state and local funding and to build our facility. We encourage all families to support the school to whatever extent possible. We hope everyone participates by volunteering and giving in various ways.


Who is eligible to attend Syringa Mountain School?

Our charter school is a free, public school open to anyone residing in the state of Idaho. If more students apply than there are spaces available, admission is decided by lottery. Priority is given to students residing in the Blaine County School District, but if spaces remain, students from outside the district are allowed to attend. Once a student is enrolled at the school, priority is also given to siblings. Age restrictions on public school students also apply to us.

Does your school have a music program?

Yes. All students study music at our school.