Pat Owen

Pat grew up in rural New England, just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean. He then had the opportunity to become landlocked at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. In Bozeman, he found his love for the mountains and culture of the Northern Rockies. After graduating with a degree in Geography, Pat spent a winter living deep in the Swiss Alps, immersing himself in the Swiss way of life. The following summer, he lived and worked on an organic sheep ranch in Montana. Here, he learned the values of sustainable land practices, but also the challenges of running a successful agricultural business. Soon after, he found himself in Jackson Hole, WY where he coached youth ski racing and guided ecology tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Thanks to his Geography studies and time spent in the field, Pat has an incredible talent to think and see the world through a holistic lens.

Pat spent a year teaching math and Human Ecology at The Sage School and has earned his K-8th Idaho Teaching License. Falling in love with the youth and recreation within the Wood River Valley, Pat enjoys immersing himself in the creative energy of Syringa Mountain School. A teacher at Syringa for 5 years, he believes that the best way to learn about your environment is by planting yourself right in the middle of it and observing using all five of your senses. Pat’s two step-daughters attend Syringa. When not teaching, Pat plants himself in the environment by backcountry skiing, camping, biking, and fly-fishing with his wife, Carter, and two step-daughters, Piper and Tallulah.