Janessa Corrao-Bal

Janessa is so happy to be returning to Syringa this year as the 3rd-grade teacher. She fell in love with the school last year and is looking forward to her new role.

Janessa grew up here in the Wood River Valley and returned here after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Vermont. Now, returning home with new experiences and skills, Janessa is passionate about making this community the best it can be. In her past year at Syringa Janessa has helped fundraise for school trips, organized ski days and free ski rentals for students, as well as lent a hand whenever needed. Janessa feels that Syringa is a blessing in this community and believes wholeheartedly in the tenets that we uphold at our school.

Janessa has achieved her K-8th CSI-NTEP, Idaho Teacher Certification as well as currently working towards a Master in Education!