May 4, 2017

SMS Board Work Session

3pm @ SMS Campus in 5th grade classroom
SMS Board Work Session 5/4 Meeting Agenda:

  1. Recognition of Bobbi Filberts request to resign from the board and thank you to her.
  2. Modeling of governance proposals with a college of teachers and a timeline to effectively accomplish this task and adhere to state compliance.
    • Build a budget
    • Build a timeline for constituents buy-in or allowing constituents to voice their comments
  3. Review of Version 5 of the Budget for the 2017-2018 season.
  4. Review of Bidders for the construction project submitted at 10 among the 4 of May and consideration of a loan for an additional $100,000 on the USDA loan which would be at the rate of 3.75% which would increase our monthly costs by $463.12
  5. Approval to have the Board Chair Approve of All Expenses related to the building renovation within the framework of the remodel.
  6. Approve of Building Permit Cost of $4600.