Jun 5, 2019 - Jun 5, 2019

Musical Performance

Dear Syringa Families,

Please mark your calendars for a special concert for grades 4-7, June 5th at 6 pm right here in our Heart Space. The students have worked so hard all semester and have moved me to tears with their noble interpretations of the music.
The Community Campus auditorium was booked for an all-school spring concert, but other large groups have 1st dibs if needed. We got bumped, so to speak. We are making the best of it by having classes perform at their plays, at Mayfair, during the last day of school celebration, and on June 5th.
Each student is an integral part of our music and attendance is mandatory, as this is our only chance to culminate the work of the semester into a polished performance. Performing is a key component of studying music and gives the students a chance to be appreciated for their efforts. Students should arrive at 5:40 to tune. Students should dress up!
PLEASE have your child play (practice) for you at home every day between now and then.
I am so proud of the efforts of each student in the class and am excited to have them share their beauty with all of you.
See you all next Wednesday!
Erin Storey