25 Apr 2024

2021-22 Harvest Festival Snapshot

Festivals are an important aspect of Syringa Mountain School and part of our Waldorf-inspired school culture. Our festivals celebrate seasonal change, rites of passage, and values that we strive to cultivate in our students.

Our first festival of the year was Harvest Festival, also known as Michaelmas.

As Waldorf Schools of New Orleans noted:
“Waldorf Schools around the world celebrate Michaelmas, which began as a harvest festival in the Middle Ages. (Michael) is a symbol of good triumphing over evil, courage over cowardice. The celebration of this holiday teaches the importance of facing fears and strengthening resolve.

Michaelmas falls near the autumn equinox, marking the end of the harvest and the summer…This shift marks a time of turning inward, a time of gathering strength to face the growing darkness.”

We hope you enjoy this brief video showing the hard work and joy that the festival brings our Syringa community.