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A Tuition Free Public Charter School


Our vision is to create a biodynamic farm and garden woven into the structure of Syringa Mountain School and the daily lives of our students.

The garden is a fundamental part of our curriculum—and of course, it will take time to build and grow. With the help of our school and wider community, we are confident that our garden will evolve from concept to fully functioning flower, herb, and vegetable garden. Our larger vision includes several gardens as well as a greenhouse.

In our biodynamic garden, students will learn the practice of gardening. They will work the soil, build compost, plant, harvest, and prepare food. Repeating this work over seasons and years provides insight into the nature of plants and crop rotation.

Our community garden will provide a wide range of after-school and summer learning opportunities for all ages. Our vision is to collaborate with many groups to create a farm and garden that provides nourishment, beauty, and learning to our community as a whole.