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A Tuition Free Public Charter School Shopping

Syringa Mountain School is enrolled in’s Associates program. This is an easy way to financially support our school.

If you are already a regular user of Amazon, you can now raise money for SMS every time you shop. All it takes is one extra click–from the link below.

Shop Now

How much does SMS earn?

We earn roughly 4-8% on all qualifying purchases. Amazon has certain categories that earn a fixed percentage (notably, gift certificates earn SMS a fixed 6%). For most general merchandise, the earnings are tiered based upon the number of purchases made per month. The specific details are here.

What happens to the money we earn?

Our earnings are deposited into our bank account and become a part of the school’s general operations fund.

Details about the program:

  • Click the affiliate link from our site. (Bookmarking the link is unreliable. Instead, always visit our site and click the affiliate link.)
  • Items must be added to your shopping cart AFTER clicking our button or affiliate link.
  • Items that are already on one of your wishlists will not be counted.
  • Items must be purchased within 24 hours of clicking through our button.