Our Story

Syringa Mountain School is the result of a shared vision among a small, committed group of parents and educators who believe that the Waldorf method offers the most comprehensive, well-rounded, and child-centered educational opportunity for students. The school grew into the public charter it is today from an as a small private Waldorf school, The Mountain School, which was founded by Katherine Woods.

We believe that our educational model should be free for families. We created Syringa Mountain School – a free, public charter school guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education – so that all children—not just those with financial means—could reap the benefits of our education.

Led by Dr. Mary Gervase, educational consultant and former assistant superintendent for the Blaine County School District, the group spearheaded an effort to establish a public charter school guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education method. The Idaho Public Charter School Commission approved charter status for Syringa Mountain School on August 15, 2013. And we opened our doors.

We are a Kindergarten through Eighth-grade elementary school that offers a rigorous, arts-integrated, nature-based education for children in the Wood River Valley. Our programs are robust, multi-sensory focused, and student-driven. Utilizing Waldorf as our core curriculum and integrating sustainable and responsible citizen-driven principles help to develop students with a life-long passion for learning, well prepared for the transition into other academic programs, creative thinkers, engaged citizens with a strong work ethic, who are prepared to become stewards of the earth within its many diverse communities.

It’s the Syringa Way.