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A Tuition Free Public Charter School

Our Charter

A charter school is a tuition-free, semi-autonomous public school of choice. Charter schools typically have more flexibility than traditional public schools in areas such as curriculum, fiscal management, and overall school operations. They may offer an education program that is more innovative than traditional public schools.

Charter schools operate under a charter (or contract) between the charter school and its authorizer and are considered a separate school district. In Idaho, charter schools are authorized either by the local school district or the Idaho Public Charter School Commission.

Charter schools receive state funds, but do not receive additional funds from public levies or bonds. As such, charter schools must rely on private donations and fundraising in order to build and sustain the school.

About Syringa Mountain School’s Charter

Syringa Mountain School is a public charter school authorized by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission. As a Commission-approved charter school, Syringa Mountain School reports directly to the IPCSC and is not a part of the Blaine County School District. The Commission authorized Syringa Mountain School to establish a K-8 public charter school offering a curriculum inspired by the Waldorf method and integrated with the Idaho Common Core State Standards.