Kathryn Whistler

Katie Whistler was raised in Flagstaff Arizona. She grew up in a loving family, including her sister, father, and her mother, who was a Waldorf teacher in Arizona and Hawaii. Through all the years of observing her mother’s Waldorf classes through the grades, she became inspired to learn more about Waldorf Education.

Katie earned her BS degree in elementary education at Northern Arizona University. Katie is certified K-8 in elementary education in Arizona and Idaho.

Katie worked for the school of the Deaf and the Blind. Helping exceptional children with sight and hearing difficulties have an easier learning experience in the classroom. Before jumping into a class of her own, Katie felt the call of the west coast and decided to go to the Exercise Science and Physiology certificate program at UCSD. She then had a rewarding experience as a personal trainer for Fitness Together in San Diego.  After three years Katie found that the mountains were calling her home. She moved back to Flagstaff. She became a first-grade aide at Pine Forest Waldorf Charter School, loving the inspiration and rhythm of the Waldorf classroom.

While she was working during the day, Katie was taking classes at Northern Arizona Massage Institute in Sedona. Health, wellness, and the understanding of the body- mind connection kept pulling her back for more studies!

After graduation from NAMTI. Katie felt she was ready to become a Waldorf classroom teacher. She was presented an opportunity to teach Waldorf Education to a Pine Forest special needs student in a homeschool situation. Katie and her student set up their own Waldorf classroom, and Katie taught her through 4th and 5th grade. After this time, Katie’s student was able to return to the regular classroom.

During this time, Katie met the love of her life, married and became pregnant with their first son. She and her husband made a decision that she would stay home and raise their three precious little boys!

Katie and her family moved to Idaho from Flagstaff, Az via Hawaii. She has lived in there for almost two years now. Katie looked for a Waldorf inspired charter school for her boys and found the one she was looking for in Syringa Mountain School.  She had a wonderful, satisfying experience teaching games to Mrs. Funk’s third grade class. All three of her boys will be going to school at Syringa Mountain this coming year.

Joining the faculty at Syringa as a classroom teacher has brought Katie full circle in her educational endeavors.  She is thrilled to be teaching first grade, which begins the grades experience for children.  She has taken her training with Eugene Schwartz, a world- renowned Waldorf teacher, and teacher trainer.

Katie is inspired and ready to begin the blessed work of teaching children!