Amy Schlatter

Amy was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio.  Receiving the insight early in life that her path was to become a teacher, she followed this by earning a bachelor’s degree at Wittenberg University.  Her childhood, combined with a humbling collegiate swimming career, helped Amy gain an appreciation for industriousness, discipline, self-reliance, and friendship.  

After college, the coast and mountains called Amy away from the Midwest.  Basing out of Cardiff by the Sea, her travels took her through Europe, Costa Rica, and Peru before settling in Ketchum, Idaho where Hemingway Elementary invited her to teach a third-grade classroom for many years.   During these years she served on many district committees, helping shape the curriculum, environmental practices, and wellness policies of BCSD.  Living amidst the beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains and simultaneously discovering yoga created a longing in Amy to further her connection with spiritual experiences and the rhythms of the Earth.  During the evenings, Amy pursued a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition with a minor in herbalism.  Her goal was to link this branch of knowledge to her teachings and workings with families.  

Starting a family pulled Amy out of the classroom for a few years, but opened her schedule to be able to work for Nurture, a local nonprofit, teaching nutrition education for Blaine County Schools. In 2008, Amy met a woman in a coffee shop who invited her to a Beltane Festival, which turned out to be held at the future site of a Waldorf Elementary. This opened the door to a discovered passion for Waldorf education. Now with three children, this philosophy resonated deeply for her family. Fueled by the values acquired in childhood, Amy became instrumental in helping found Syringa Mountain School, Idaho’s first Public Waldorf Charter School. She finds daily inspiration from her students, family, co-workers, music, dance, hiking, skiing, meditation, gardening, nutritious food, and the wonders of nature.  Amy dreams of opening a biodynamic, permaculture farm/Waldorf school in Bali in her retirement years.